Apptega Community Rules & Guidelines

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Hello, welcome to the Apptega Community! 

This is a space for community members to ask questions, get answers, provide feedback, help shape the future of our products, and get to know each other. To maintain a friendly and engaging environment, please make sure to read and follow these community rules and guidelines: 


Respect Everyone

  • Remember to follow the golden rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. Posting any content that could be considered offensive, hateful, or inflammatory is prohibited. 

Practice Safety and Privacy

  • Protect your privacy by not sharing excessive personal information and being careful when sharing files, images, or other data. Remember that this is a public space, please make sure to think before posting any potentially sensitive or non-public information.

Look before you post

  • To reduce the amount of duplicated content, please make sure to look up your question or topic before posting it. This allows for better post visibility, less clutter, and creates a better community experience for everyone! 

Do not Spam

  • Posting spam is prohibited and may result in the removal or banning of content and users from this community. This includes, but is not limited to, plagiarized posts, posts containing misinformation, advertisements, and duplicate posts published in multiple categories. 

No Sales Posts

  • This space is for open discussions regarding cyber security compliance and everything-Apptega. Please refrain from having sales-based conversations, as we feel communities should not be a space where members feel pressured to buy something.

Do not game the system

  • Rewards are given to highly engaged community members that participate in the Community Rewards Program. Any attempt to game the system, such as creating multiple accounts, is prohibited and may result in the user’s removal from the rewards program entirely. 

Moderation Policy

  • Moderators are here to ensure that answers are accurate, facilitate discussions, and enforce guidelines. They have the right to edit, remove, or merge content and take appropriate action against community guideline violators.  

By participating in this community, you agree to follow these rules and guidelines and accept the Apptega Community Site Terms.  

Thank you for joining our community and helping us create an informative and friendly environment for everyone!