Community Introductions 🤝

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Community Introductions 🤝

Hey, guess what! 
One of the main reasons online communities are so helpful and fun to be a part of is that there is a shared sense of unity among community members. And while we know that everyone here shares an undying passion for Apptega, we would also like to get to know a little bit more about you! 


Take a few moments to introduce yourself to everyone in the comments of this post. 


If you do not know how to begin, try introducing yourself by answering any or all these questions: 

  • What is your name and where are you currently based out of? 
  • What is the name of your role/company? 
  • What is your favorite part of your current role? 
  • What are some interests you have outside of work? 

Comment your answers down below! 


  • LauraVR
    LauraVR Member Posts: 8 admin

    Hi all!

    I'm Laura Vieiro, Product Marketing Manager here at Apptega.

    I live with my husband and my 10-month-old daughter in Sunnyvale, right at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. I also spend a few months in Spain every year as I'm originally from there and my entire family lives there.

    What I like the most about my role is to find creative ways to give visibility to Apptega's new features and encourage you all to use them and get the most out of them. I can't wait to hear all your feedback and suggestions in this community!

    When I'm not creating go-to-market plans for Apptega, you can find me outside enjoying nature on a stroll, hike, or bike ride.

    Looking forward to getting to know all of you! 😄

  • tarekw
    tarekw Member Posts: 1 admin

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Tarek Wiley, and I'm the Content Marketing Manager at Apptega. I live in (currently) sunny Chicago with my wife, 2-year-old daughter, and crazy-eyed Mini Australian Shepherd named Rufio.

    The best part of my role is working with partners to tell their stories and create useful resources. I enjoy diving into complex topics and turning them into insightful, entertaining, and valuable content for those we work with. And I just love to write!

    Outside of work, my time is usually spent with my daughter, chasing her around the house and jumping between whatever activities she's interested in at the time. But in those fleeting free moments of my life, I enjoy painting, traveling, and writing stories that have nothing to do with cybersecurity and compliance.

    I'm excited to hear from the community and share ideas. I always welcome thoughts on content.

  • lpalmer
    lpalmer Member Posts: 1 Novice

    Hi, Leena Palmer, Compliance Officer for LaScala Inc. and others in the community. I'm in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!) and work heavily with the Defense Industrial Base in all areas of government supplier compliance. My favorite part of compliance is strategic planning with customers—to provide efficient plans of action that give business owners the tools needed for confident planning and budgeting, while achieving compliance.

  • Joses
    Joses Member Posts: 51 admin

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Jose Mancillas Serrano, and I am the Community Manager here at Apptega. I am currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. My favorite part of community management is being able to interact with a ton of different people and hear different perspectives. I love learning about how and why people use products the way that they do!

    When I'm not on posting on here, you can find me watching or playing basketball (Go Warriors!), trying new craft beers, going hiking, or listening to new music.

    I'm excited to connect with you all and learn how I can make your Apptega experience better! 🙂

  • raj.atwal
    raj.atwal Member Posts: 4

    Hi everyone,

    I am Raj Atwal and I work for Beacon Platform Inc. as the Head of Governance,Risk & Compliance. I am based in England and work remotely to our London office. Like a good fashion house we have three main offices (New York, London and Tokyo). I am ex Cyber Security Managing Consultant at KPMG where I led the UK ISO certification practice for ISO 27001 and 22301. I travelled the world with that role and then settled down at Refinitiv (which was acquired by the London Stock Exchange Group) as Sr Director of GRC within the Cyber Security function. I enjoy working with the Leadership to ensure they receive a pragmatic level of 'challenge' regarding their assumptions and proposed actions when it comes to Technology and Cyber Risks. This is my 'favourite' time of the year as I am gearing up for my SOC 1 and 2 Type 2 attestation audits!

    Outside of work, I have 2 almost grown up kids (in my head at least) who are both at university and my lovely wife who is a primary school headteacher (a job I do not have the patience/temperament for). I enjoy cycling and walking (living close the Peak District) and taking the odd photograph too. For my sins, I am a season ticket holder at Derby County Football Club (soccer for those across the pond) aka "the Rams" - could this be the year we get promoted back to the Championship 🤞.

    I am looking forward to engaging with others in the community.

    Thanks, Raj.

  • kberglund
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    @Joses Thanks for the demonstration earlier! I'm excited to dive into, connect with others, and leverage this platform to enhance efficiency across the board with Aptega's capabilities. 👏

    BTW, I'm Kimberly, and I'm thrilled to join this community of like-minded individuals. I'm eager to connect with fellow members, share insights, and explore new opportunities for collaboration and growth. Looking forward to engaging discussions and meaningful connections!

  • WhitneyYoung
    WhitneyYoung Member Posts: 9 admin

    Hello - My name is Whitney Young. I am based out of Atlanta, GA. I am a Product Owner responsible for our partner capabilities with a focus on reporting and implementing automation.

    My favorite part of the role is the people. It’s important to understand our end users needs and provide the best solutions for them when building products and features. Additionally, interacting with my teammates, who are in various roles from various locations. Making sure everyone is on the same page can be challenging, but also extremely rewarding. 

    Outside of work, I love to travel. I love exploring new geographies and understanding and interacting with locals. I also spend a lot of time friends and family, especially during the spring and summer. My kids love to be outside.

    I look forward to interacting in the community.

  • Shareth Ben
    Shareth Ben Posts: 1 admin

    Hello Apptega Community, By way of introduction - I am Shareth Ben, Chief Customer Officer at Apptega. If you are a community member reading this post : It is my Joy to Welcome you to our community!

    We are so excited for you to be here and take part by contributing and learning from other community members. The world of Cyber and compliance can be challenging to navigate. Together, by harnessing the power of community I hope we can collectively find answers and insights to our pursuits.

    As for myself - I have been a cybersecurity professional for the last 15+ years. Spent countless hours in Security Operations working closely with CISO's and SOC managers helping detect advanced threats both internal and external. I also have Big4 consulting experience helping several large and medium sized enterprises build and augment cybersecurity programs. I am passionate about helping customers achieve their business outcomes by providing the necessary post sales experience to enable them, to extract value from their investments in products and services.

    I live with my Family in Hoboken, NJ famously know for being the birthplace of late singer/ actor Frank Sinatra and the hometown for the famous Carlos Bakery.

    When I am not busy helping customers or my team, I enjoy working out and challenging myself to do better physically. I love food, travel, music and cars - especially the last two alot! Always ready for live music and talk Formula1!

    Looking forward to making new connections here in our community!

  • richard.moormann
    richard.moormann Member Posts: 18


    Great see the Apptega staff jumping in here!

    My name is Rich Moormann and I've been using Apptega for nearly a year in my role as a Senior Cybersecurity Strategist with Foresite Cybersecurity. Much of my time requires cybersecurity assessments and education for less mature organizations. I am often reviewing policies and their applicability to the various frameworks available in the cybersecurity industry as a vCISO or advisor.

    My preferred framework is the NIST CSF, as I find it the easiest for most professionals to consume AND the fact it is based on MATURITY. Every organization has room to grow and everyone started from nothing.

    I also have depth in the forthcoming CMMC 2.0 and NIST 800-171 [A]. Having survived a DIBCAC, I find most organizations are truly lost in trying to comply with this very confusing Federal mandate.

    I also do many HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOC-2 assessments.

    I live on the East coast.



  • SueN
    SueN Member Posts: 1 Novice

    Hi! I'm Sue Nelson, Principal, People Operations Business Partner at Apptega. I live outside of Kansas City, MO, but am originally from NJ.

    I love building relationships and advocating for our team members while using my creativity to add fun events and new programs and processes as we scale. We have the best team ever, and I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such talented and passionate teammates.

    I'm a loyal sports fan, specifically of the NY Yankees, Giants, and Duke Blue Devils basketball teams. (I'm also a competitive fantasy sports player!) I travel several times per year for sporting events and cruise 2-to 3 times per year.

    Dogs are my favorite beings, I love reality TV (no judgment!), and I have an addiction to coffee.

    My husband Mike and I have four grown children and 6 1/2 grandchildren across the state of Missouri.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you and assisting where needed.

    All the best,