Community How-Tos

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Here's a list of How-Tos to help you get around the community!

How-To Create a New Post: 

  1. Go to any page in the community and click the New Post button. 
  2. Select which type of post you want to make. 
  3. Select the Category or Topic you’d like to post it in. 
  4. Give your Post a Title
  5. Write out your post. 
  6. Add some tags by clicking or typing them in the Tags bar. 
  7. Click Post Discussion or Post Question

How-To Edit Your Post:

  1. Find your post that you want to edit.
  2. Click the settings options (three-dot menu).
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Once you're done editing, Click Save.

Please keep in mind that you only have an hour after you post something to edit that post. If you need something edited out after the 1-hour mark, message @Joses.

How-To Add Videos to Your Post:

  1. Get the link to your video.
  2. Paste the video link into your post.
  3. Select how you'd like the video to be displayed in your post:
    1. Display As Text.
    2. Display As Rich Link.
    3. Display as Card.
  4. Once you've decided how you'd like it to be displayed, click Post.

How-To Add Attachments to Your Post:

  1. Once your post is created, click either Upload Image or Upload File.
  2. Select what attachment you'd like to add.
  3. Click Post.

How-To Accept an Answer:

  1. Post a Question.
  2. After a user comments a message will appear: "
    1. "Did this answer the question? Yes No"
  3. Click Yes to accept the answer.
    1. An Answer tag will appear next to the comment.

How-To Bookmark a Post:

  1. Go to the post you'd like to save for later.
  2. Click the Bookmark icon on the top right.
    1. To access this post later, click the My Bookmarks link under Quick Links.

How-To Report a Post:

  1. Go to the post that you want to report.
  2. Click the Flag Icon.
  3. Select either Spam or Abuse.
  4. If you'd like to add more context to your reporting, message @Joses.

How-To Private Message a User:

  1. Click the Message Icon on the top right.
  2. Select the New Message icon.
  3. Type in the User's Name (up to 5 users) in the Recipients bar.
  4. Type out the message.
  5. Click Post Message.

How-To Mention a User:

  1. Go to the post you'd like to mention a user in.
  2. Create a comment.
  3. Type the @ symbol.
  4. Type out the rest of the username you'd like to mention.
    1. Example: @Joses

How-To Manage Notification Preferences:

  1. Click on your Profile Icon.
  2. Select Account & Privacy Settings.
  3. Click on Notification Preferences.
  4. Select or de-select the notifications you'd like to receive.

How-To Subscribe to Topic-Specific Notifications:

  1. Go to the Topics Page.
  2. Find the Topic you wish to get notifications for.
  3. Click the bell icon next to the topic.
  4. Select whether you want emails or notification pop-ups for new posts/comments.

How-To Add or Change Your Profile Picture:

  1. Click on your Profile Icon.
  2. Select Account & Privacy Settings.
  3. Click on Change My Picture.
  4. Click on the Choose File button.
  5. Select the picture you'd like to upload.
  6. Click the Save Avatar button.

How-To Request Badges:

  1. Go to our Badges Page.
  2. Click on the title of the badge you’d like to request.
  3. Click the Request This Badge button.
  4. Briefly explain why you’re requesting the badge.
  5. Click Send Request.