Community Rankings

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Apptega Community Rankings

  1. Novice: First Ranking!
  2. Trainee ✭ : 25 points
  3. Specialist ✭✭: 75 points
  4. Analyst ✭✭✭: 125 points
  5. Consultant ✭✭✭✭: 250 points
  6. Expert ✭✭✭✭✭: 500 points

As you spend more time in the community, whether you're answering questions, submitting feature requests, or participating in monthly events to gain badges, you will be rewarded with points.

These points help you earn different rankings in the community, and along with higher rankings come rewards as a thank you for being so engaged in our community!

Note: These ranks and rewards are subject to change. If you have any feedback regarding the Community Rankings, feel free to comment below or message @Joses. If you're curious about what badges are currently available for you to collect, visit our Badges Page.