📰 New FTC Data Shed Light on Top Companies Impersonated by Scammers | Tuesday Times | May 28, 2024

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New FTC Data Shed Light on Top Companies Impersonated by Scammers | Tuesday Times | May 28, 2024

New FTC Data Shed Light on Companies Most Frequently Impersonated by Scammers

  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released a new data spotlight report that highlights the most impersonated companies by scammers and common forms of payment they ask for in these scams.
  • According to the data spotlight, the main payment options included cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and payment apps. The top payment was gift cards with the "most reported gift cards being Apple and Target."
  • The most impersonated companies in these scams were "Best Buy’s Geek Squad, Amazon, and PayPal." However, "losses were highest when scammers impersonated Microsoft and Publishers Clearing House."

CISO Report Reveals that Three-Quarters of CISOs Identify Human Error as Leading Cybersecurity Risk

  • On May 21, 2024, Proofpoint released its annual Voice of the CISO report that surveyed 1,600 CISOs from organizations of 1,000 employees or more on the challenges and expectations of their role.
  • One of the main points reported is that "over two-thirds (70%) of surveyed CISOs feel at risk of a material cyber attack over the next 12 months, compared to 68% the year before, and 48% in 2022."
  • Other interesting key findings include: human error continuing to be the leading vulnerability for cyber attacks, ransomware and malware being the top cybersecurity threats, and AI-based security measures being a potential solution to the ongoing security issue of human error.

Sav-Rx Discloses Data Breach Impacting 2.8 Million Americans

  • Data breaches are becoming very common in these Tuesday Times posts, but as long as they keep happening, we'll continue reporting them! This specific data breach happened in early October 2023, and it "exposed the data of 2,812,336 people."
  • The personal data accessed included full names, physical addresses, Social Security Numbers (SSNs), and more. The company notified users in early May of 2024 after receiving the results of their technological investigation on April 30, 2024.
  • The steps taken to prevent this from happening again include: "24/7 security operations center, Microsoft Defender anti-virus and firewall, multi-factor authentication, BitLocker, Zabbix, new firewall and switches, patching cycle implementation, network segmentation, Linux system hardening, enhanced geo-blocking, LAPS installation, SSL certification cycling, website/portal enhancements, and policy and procedure development."
  • If you or someone you know may have been affected by this data breach, make sure to read over Sav-Rx's Data Breach FAQ for next steps.